In Extremis Wrap-Up

July Wrap-Up

July has been a great month! It’s been the month with the most content on site since March of this year, and it’s seen a lot of great content as well. This month has been almost all posts from the Chasing Shadows Hub–which is almost done! I’ve got a few things to talk about that happened this month, and then I’ll talk about what the future holds for In Extremis. So, let’s get onto the monthly wrap-up:

  • More Soundtrack Previews: In the second round of soundtrack previews, I put out ten more clips.
  • Hub Update 2: In this update to the hub, I put out the release dates for the eBook and Soundtracks, as well as added another round of soundtrack previews.
  • Soundtrack Artwork: The soundtrack cover-art is revealed! Check out what the OST and Piano Arrangements will look like in your iTunes, or whatever other media player you use.
  • OST Comparison: In a minute, I show what the OST sounds like, then Piano, and finally a half-minute where each version is in a separate ear. Best heard with headphones.
  • Last Soundtrack Previews: The last round of soundtrack previews before the soundtracks are released, 8 tracks in this round, bringing the total in the playlist (in the hub) to 29 tracks.
  • Chasing Shadows eBooks: The book is finally here! I’m thrilled with all the support it has so far; pick up your digital copy today!

There’s one last item left in the Hub- the Soundtrack Release. On August 17th, the Original Soundtrack and the Piano Arrangements version will be on my bandcamp, just like the Pale Shores EP, the eBooks, and the free Atmospheres EP (it’s still free).

After the release of the Soundtracks, Chasing Shadows will have been available for a few weeks and I will begin posting more informative articles on the website, offering more details on characters, locations, and items in the Chasing Shadows book. Don’t worry if you still haven’t read them by that point; I’ll be marking articles with information that spoils the plot with clear indication.

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