Chasing Shadows eBook Release

Cover_FrontChasing Shadows

In Extremis: Before The Wind: Part I

Purchase Here

As of now, you can purchase the first book in the In Extremis series! Click the link above and be taken to my bandcamp page for the book.

If you have a kindle, please choose MOBI.

What follows is a little instruction on purchase and being able to read the eBook. After clicking “Buy Now” and selecting which file format you want (ePUB or MOBI), please include the email to send the file to by clicking “Include a message to In Extremis”. If you have an e-reader that has a separate email that you can email files directly onto the device, please include that address.

If you don’t have an e-reader and wish to read on desktop, laptop, or mobile, I recommend installing/downloading free bookreader. It supports Android, Windows, and Mac OSX. It doesn’t support iOS, and some platforms are still in development. If you have another application you prefer, or are still looking, as long as it supports .ePUB and/or .MOBI you will be fine.

Purchases will be emailed to the included address(es) within 24 hours.


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