Chasing Shadows Hub


This will be, in the coming days, weeks, and months, the home for all news of Chasing Shadows, the first book in the In Extremis series. There will be more items added to the first image as I come up with them, as well as dates clarified as we approach them. This post will be stuck to the front page, and contain links to all information that is pertinent to Chasing Shadows. The normal blog and information posts will continue to move down the front page, and linked here if need be. Scroll down to learn more about Chasing Shadows.


Two Tracks: Ten seconds each of the tracks ReCurrents and the General Space Ambiance (name pending). Further premieres of the soundtrack will follow this form, in ten second previews, and will eventually be put together into a soundcloud playlist for streaming/cohesiveness.


Kickstarter Update 1: In this update for the Kickstarter, I revealed the front cover of the book which will be used for the eBook versions, as well as the full-wrap cover that will be used shall the book be printed.


More Soundtrack Previews: In this post, I put out nine tracks that are all 10 second previews. A playlist featuring all previews, past and present can be found at the bottom of this page.


Chasing Shadows Promotional Art: Other than the kickstarter photo, we haven’t really seen the characters much, so I’ve be releasing a fair bit of promo art featuring each character doing some different things. Small bios to get to know the characters without spoiling the in-book reveal are included as well.


More Soundtrack Previews: This update featured ten new additional 10-second previews. The playlist in this post (added on 6/17) has been updated with the new tracks.


Soundtrack Art Reveal:Just like the book, the two soundtracks have their own cover art reveal as well! You’ve already seen a basic version of the OST’s cover, but the Piano is (hopefully) new and fresh.


Piano – OST Comparison:I’ve put something together to show the similarities and differences between the two soundtracks (via a minute of audio) by highlighting parts of Re:Currents used with each version.


More Soundtrack Previews: This is the last round of soundtrack previews. Only eight tracks this time, to leave some surprises for the final release. The playlist in this post (added on 6/17) has been updated with the new tracks.


eBook Release: The ePUB and MOBI versions of the book are available on my bandcamp. No bandcamp account is needed for purchase.


Soundtrack Release: The OST and Piano Arrangements are now available via bandcamp, in a variety of file formats. They’re also available to stream on YouTube.


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