In Extremis Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up

It’s time for the June 2016 Wrap-Up for Skeli’n Studios. This also marks the halfway point of the year, so let’s discuss some statistical trends for the year so far before we begin the monthly Wrap-Up. At this point in the year, the website has just over double the views-per-day than at this point last year. I use views/day and not total views, because the website didn’t get started until mid-March. We’re also just a couple of tenths behind last year’s views/day – which was drastically increased by a huge December turnout.

Hub Update: Early in the month I clarified some of the dates/events that had already been posted in the hub- and added a new event in for July 1st.

More Soundtrack Previews:Nine 10-second previews of the soundtrack were posted a couple weeks ago, and a playlist was added to the Hub.

Chasing Shadows Promo Art: Four images featuring our main characters were revealed, along with some information and background on each character.

Chasing Shadows Hub: The hub was updated for each post this month, as well as being updated at the beginning of the month with the Hub Update itself.

In July, we’ve got a lot more content of the same style coming. The book, in various formats is due at some point, as well as a lot more artwork and music.





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