Chasing Shadows Promotional Art


Here we are again, with more Chasing Shadows content! This time, I’ve got four pieces of promotional art, for each of our four characters that the story follows along with. Each character has some description and a little bit of information — but not too much as to spoil anything within the book.


Character: Skeli

Race: Avotoc

Gender: Male

Height: 1.2 m | 3’11”

Wight48.5 kg | 107 lbs.

Bio: A young Avotoc from the historic planet-star of Davo, Skeli pairs up with an uncommon ally in Dreads, an octopus who can survive out of water, float in air and speak into Skeli’s mind.


Character: Mis’Kelin | Mik

Race: Avotoc

Gender: Male

Height: 1.3 m | 4’3″

Wight53 kg | 116 lbs.

Bio: An Avotoc not much older than Skeli, Mik is knowledgeable about most weaponry of the time. His skill with weapons aids Skeli on his adventure, but this Avotoc’s ambition extends beyond the other’s.

Promo_VademCharacter: Koroh Vadem

Race: Kettlah

Gender: Male

Height: 2 m | 6’8″

Wight110 kg | 242 lbs.

Bio: Vadem is a Kettlah that meets Skeli on his adventures. He, as are most Kettlah, are rather mysterious.


Character: Dreadlock

Race: Octopus (Cursed)

Gender: Presumably Male

Height: 71 m | 232’11”

Wight2212 kg | 4,657 lbs.

Bio: When Skeli returns home, he finds that a large beast has been terrorizing the ancient sea on which his people reside. Upon confronting the beast, he finds Dreadlock.


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