In Extremis Wrap-Up

May Wrap-Up

You might have noticed that there was no April Wrap-Up. You might not have. In that case, feel free to go back to the main page and double-check. Good? Alright, now that you’re back here and aware that we didn’t have a Wrap-Up last month, let me tell you something else. We didn’t have content posted between March 31st and May 14th. Feel free to go double check that too.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming; the Wrap-Up of May can now commence! I’m going to skip the ‘Content Incoming’ post, since it had no actual content. You’re free to read it at any point, but we will move on from there:

In Extremis Overture: While this isn’t what I originally started writing about a month and a half ago, I presented the overall series overture, which encompasses the spirit of In Extremis as a whole. It’s arranged for a string quartet at the moment, though I do want to arrange it for a larger ensemble at some point.

The Ontiba: I finally got a cover design I liked, and put out a bit of information on the holy scripture of the Omneuttians, The Ontiba.

Ontiba Chapter One: The first half of the first section of the Ontiba is view-able here. Second chapter coming eventually, but it’s much longer. I don’t have any plans to put the other seven sections up on the website yet (because they’re really long).

Chasing Shadows Hub:This is a very important link, that I plan on updating frequently over the next couple of months. I’ll be updating the main image when new items are announced, or dates are modified/finalized. I’ll also be linking to each and every blog post that has a date in the image. It’s stickied at the top of the home page, so it won’t get lost in the updates. Super Important!

Sha’an Masks: Here’s some artwork and a small discussion about the Sha’an masks and what they mean to the species as a whole.

Koroh Vadem: This was just put up earlier today, in the morning. In case you might have missed it (but really for posterity’s sake), here it is. Just a quick drawing of the only Kettlah we have so far, as well as a recap of the other main characters.

Well, that was May. Fairly eventful, in complete contrast to April, and most of that was in the last two weeks of May. Trying to make up for lost time, and I put out quite a bit of stuff. June will also have plenty of content, as long as everything stays on schedule. There’s a listing of what I want to release during June in the Chasing Shadows Hub, as well as some other miscellaneous artwork I want to work on during the month of June as well.

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