In Extremis Wrap-Up

March Wrap-Up

So, actually quite a bit happened in March. Despite a relatively low turn out, the month of March had the highest number of posts-per-month on the website so far. I’ll make comments about April later, but for now, here’s what happened in March:

Soundbite: I hadn’t posted in a week at this point, so I threw down a nice minute-or-so quick rendition of Skeli’s theme with some expansion.

Soundbite 2: In the same style as Skeli’s theme in the previous soundbite, I introduce the theme of our villain, Redcloak.

Aster’s Design: I showed off Aster’s (fairly) complete design. Changes from previous designs were talked about, as well as incorporating elements from a few of the previous designs into a single, cohesive design as well.

Future Plans Part V: In this blog post I introduced my bandcamp website, along with the initial free album that was up on the website. I also talked about plans for releasing the book as an ebook over bandcamp, along with the soundtracks in the future.

Holy Bodies: In a sort-of spin-off from Aster’s body, I finished the base forms of the rest of the deities and streamlined them into what you see here.

Holy Garments: Once I had made the bodies, I set out to make the robes that they would wear. I’m not sure of a finalized design on what they’ll wear, but the separate elements for the final design are all there.

Pale Shores EP: I put my first paid content on bandcamp, a 20 minute EP with the sounds of the Avotoc for $1. It’s a musical journey around the shore and up into the mountains and then back.

Beginnings of Sha’an Attire: Once I had finished with some music, I decided to work back on clothing, and rounded up all the sketches I had for the Sha’an attire and then assembled them digitally.

Sha’an Attire: I finished up the sketches I had in a colourized form and added in some new wrinkles. Ha. Clothing puns.

Well, that’s a nice Wrap-Up in the books for March. Look at all that activity! Now, about April… I won’t have much time between now and the 11th, so I’ll consider myself lucky if the 12th rolls around and I have a thing or two done.

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