Sha’an Attire

It’s taken me a little while, but I finally had the opportunity to sit down and finish the Sha’an Attire drawings I have been working on. Two of the Sha’an aren’t wearing anything- I made more poses than I have ideas for presently. But there are still seven other designs I made, with plenty else in the image to talk about.

Sha'an Attire
Sha’an Attire

First off, here’s the general concept – still carried over from the last post I made about the Sha’an and their clothing. It’s a dystopian society, so whatever they find that is wearable becomes clothing, and so you can have entire outfits that were found together, or a bunch of different pieces of clothing worn together to creat a very weird look. I haven’t gotten quite to the really weird look, which I think will take more than just clothes to pull off- I’m thinking the different pieces of fabric would have to be held together and onto the body somehow, so there’s some space on the left for ties, buckles, straps and other things to hold clothing together. When I figure out what that looks like, I’ll draw them on the remaining two poses and then use the spare pieces in the middle-left.

The designs themselves are fairly consistent- you have hoods, neckwear and either a cloak or some robes loosely hanging onto the body of the Sha’an. Colour wise, they’re supposed to be ‘found’ pieces of clothing, so some mixing and matching is to be expected. The colours in the palette in the bottom are somewhat different than the colours actually used on the clothes, due to some blending and some ‘fading’.

The “Remnant Logos” at the bottom are some design ideas I had for what groups the Sha’an assemble themselves in. Without a distinct government or factional alignment, and also lacking strong family ties, I’m trying to figure out what their culture looks like. I kept using the word remnant in my notes, the Sha’an culture is continually trapped in a cycle of change and collapse and the remnants of each collapse become the new culture.


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