Beginnings of Sha’an Attire

Today I decided to work on some sketches I had done quite some time ago. These sketches were pretty far back in my sketchbook and were some real rough sketches of what I imagined the Sha’an would wear. I’m still working on just exactly what they wear, but bringing up the sketches and refining them from there helped me figure out A) What they’re not going to wear and B) A little bit of what I did like.

If you can read the clumsy notes both on the top-left of the image and scattered throughout you’ll notice a few things:

  • I keep referring to the Sha’an having masks. They will, once I figure out where they go in regards to the cloth that’s also on their heads. They’re pretty much all a Sha’an has to individualize.
  • They have a very ragged appearance to them, at least the sketches I put a check by. The society is a dystopian one, and as such I imagine the clothes to be scavenged. Large pieces of cloth that are then cut, tied and hung over/around their bodies for cover/hiding/warmth.
  • They’re real big and flow-y. With what I imagine will be ‘found’ cloth that’s also full of holes, these robes and hoods are free to flow across and over their bodies. I’m planning on possibly offsetting that with some tighter undergarments that are tightly bound and tied cloth, but since they’re covered with fur, maybe that’s not needed.

I did spend some time on the next stage of this process, refining what I like and didn’t like into side-by-side images with colour and some more notes, but I didn’t finish that and I like to get through a ‘stage’ of artwork before I post it. So I give you the following:

Early Sha'an Attire Concepts
Early Sha’an Attire Concepts

I think the largest portion of artwork I work on next will be Sha’an, as they are both widely underrepresented on the website, crucial to the story, and I’m coming to find they’re fun to draw. Well, for now. I don’t think March will be Sha’an Month or anything, especially since it’s almost over (as is my spring break), but keep expecting Sha’an themed stuff to come about.


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