Holy Garments

Yesterday I showed off the overall body design of the Deities’ shared form, and tonight (sorry it’s a little late) I have their attire. Well, I have some choices for their attire anyway. I made some different designs and I haven’t quite picked which one will end up being the one.

Deity Shared Form Robes
Deity Shared Form Robes

Numbered 1-5, and also included the Deities’ shared form just for reference sake (hence the “ref” notation). Each concept has a different deity, just for example’s sake. I had drawn a pendant/necklace for the first design, but my computer crashed/ran out of RAM in the middle of working on it and I hadn’t quite saved it, so I went forward without that one. I actually just didn’t draw a pendant/necklace for the last design as I was getting tired.

I’m leaning towards design 2 and 3, though 5 (sort of an offshoot of 3) is also intriguing. Perhaps a combination of all of them?


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