Holy Bodies

Last time I left off, it was Saturday and I was talking about Aster’s (more or less) finished concept. I was working on this concept while I was working on that, and once I had finished Aster I really had the time to sit down and finish these as well.

These concepts are sort of the offshoot of Aster’s finalized form, where this design would be the design shared by all eight of the deities when relaxed/normal/not angry. So, I stripped off most of the elements that made Aster, well… Aster. I removed the singularity that was sort of the whole being of Aster (more on that later), as well as the tentacles off the back, which sprouted off the singularity to begin with. Next up were the rocky-sort-of-things that sprouted from the joints. However, when I removed them all, the body felt a little too plain and desolate. Even for a supreme holy being. So, I put them back, in the opposite direction- and on the forearm rather than a joint.

The final piece of the puzzle was removing the split neck that made Aster have this universe-coming-out-of-a-body look. However, I really liked (and still do) the head made out of universe, stars and stuff. So I kept that. Each deity will have their own floating head, and it will glow faintly in their respective colour. To finish things off I added the eyebrow sort of things from one of the earlier concepts. I’m not sure if I’ll make them stand out more in the future, but they’re there.

Deity Shared Concept
Deity Shared Concept

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