Aster’s Design

Aster Design

Here is the finished (for now) design of Aster’s pure form. I still feel like I want to mess with the shading some, as well as the head shape, and adding the extra tentacles on his back that aren’t the main eight. Maybe make the spherese larger as well. But that’s it for now.

Across the top, you can see the sketches I posted last time I talked about Aster. On the far left are some variations I made through Aster’s design to figure out what I did and didn’t like. I experimented with different tentacle lengths, adding the small little spheres of light (or suns/stars), I made the tentacles into a corona sort of iconography, affixing him to be a solar-ish deity, and then I tried having some more smaller tentacles wrap around his body. I liked that idea.

The design still has some other modifications to make, but this is pretty much it for now. Meet Aster: the original Deity of In Extremis.


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