Two Deities

Hopefully you guys will find these super cool. I’ve been in the process of redesigning the deities for a long time and seem to have really found something. The eight deities all share a similar form based off of Aster’s form, so to redesign their shared form, I first have to redesign Aster. Which is what I have been doing. I also took the opportunity to redesign Davoto’s form, though it wasn’t much of a redesign, but a reestablishment of what I had intended him to be, with a few tweaks.

Aster Concepts

To begin the process of redesigning Aster, I sketched out some of my inspirations (A, B, and C). These three designs all had an effect on the final design, or included elements that made it in some other designs. I’m still not quite finished with the final design (which is why I’m posting these instead). The first design I made was D, and strayed fairly far away from each of the three inspirations, having a lanky body with the galaxy head and the tentacles. These were going to be my sort of building blocks for Aster, discovering what worked well together and what didn’t. In the next design (E) I pulled more inspiration from B, having an upright figure, as well as the hair and rocky joints. I decided I didn’t like the hair, and the tentacles were still to thick, so that took me from E to F. The last design is pretty close to the final design, but I still have some minor changes to experiment with like hand shape and defining the facial structure (if any).

Davoto Design

A lot of these notes are self explanatory, but I’ll walk you through the concept just to be sure I didn’t miss anything. The figures at the top all have the same basic structure but each have minor differences- in this concept for Davoto the minor changes are the clothing. I ended up settling on the original design- the further I strayed from rags the less right it felt. Some of the concepts are cool (5 has a disintegrating sort-of-cloud thing going on) and I hope I can find some other use for them. Below that is Davoto’s scepter, a two part staff made of bones. The top bone also has a ribcage surrounding an ice crystal to show his dominion over ice. His crown– which is a skull with three more ice crystals sticking out from it– sits atop his head.




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