In Extremis Wrap-Up

February Wrap-Up

February was good. Not quite as much Quarryn as I had originally wanted, but I did figure out a lot of important information about the Sentient Species. I got some small musical numbers working well, and got some other website stuff done across the web. Looking back at the posts, February was pretty good. I want March to be better though, hopefully spring break will give me that opportunity.

Speaking of the posts, let’s look back and see what I did this month:

Quarryn Architecture: I put out a huge picture with various styles of trees and tried to explain what I was thinking as I drew them all. They are by no means final products, or the only trees that are available to the Quarryn. Merely a representation of what I’ve got now.

February Checkup: In this post I got more Quarryn stuff in (while lamenting about not getting more). Specifically, I put some concepts of Quarryn ships out that I didn’t know what I was going to do with at the time (still kind of don’t know). I also put out some concept art of Dreads, one of our main characters.

Future Plans Part IV: Here I rambled on (tried to avoid it) about the short term and long term plans for the project. Short term involved the next Kickstarter, and long term involved some aspirations of multiple books in various genres, to go with the music that I can also delve into various genres with.

Quarryn Culture: An article (finally, right?)! This one was in the same form of the Avotoc Culture article, though a little more ambiguous and a little less informative. Quarryn are both hard to write for, and hard to figure out in-universe, so more content for this article later.

Two Deities: I just put this out, but I talked about how I have been redesigning Aster and subsequently the shared form for all of the deities. I also shared a concept image for Davoto’s form, which I hope to have another of Aster soon.


In March, I want to accomplish similar things. Rather than try and name another Sentient Species to work on, I want to start finishing off some of the smaller tracks on the soundtrack, and begin another round of editing. For the editing, I need to go through and apply the changes from my printed editing copy to a digital version and get that printed. The soundtrack shouldn’t be too difficult to knock a couple of smaller tracks off over the course of March. I’d like to have the instrument parts written and recorded, for mixing and mastering when the soundtrack itself is done. Lastly, I’d like to continue to make some progress into the Ontiba, which I’ve mentioned in most of the articles.

Maybe I’ll get another article done in March, too.



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