Quarryn Culture



According to the Ontiba, Quarryn were created by Quarrynl to help repopulate The Known Universe with flora and fauna once peace had again spread through the stars. Also mentioned in the Ontiba was Aster‘s concern that the Quarryn were spread too far across the universe upon their creation, illustrating what many non-Quarryn have come to question- how the species functions cohesively despite the lack of unity.


The Quarryn symbol was designed as they were losing their eyes over time, and resembled a Quarryn in profile. Taking inspiration from the way tree branches and vines would knot around each other, Quarryn created a symbol that invokes this layering while abstractly representing their unique head shapes. For many years, the shape was used to make talismans, hence the cut at the bottom to tie a string around, in addition to the hole at the top.


Capitol Currency Notable Members
Unknown, Matriarch Grove Lott N/A

As previously mentioned, the spread of the Quarryn across the Matriarch Grove would make most assume that the Quarryn have cultural differences from one side to the other. Apart from the actual groups and individuals that exist within each region, little difference exists in the separate cultures of Quarryn, creating the appearance of one culture across the entirety of The Matriarchal Grove.


The familial structure is unique due to the overwhelming majority of Quarryn being females. Quarryn females usually reproduce asexually, via one or two eggs per birth. This process however only produces female Quarryn. The only way to give birth to a male Quarryn is through heterosexual mating, though those offspring will not be guaranteed male.


Not much is known about how the Quarryn govern themselves. It is known that some form of overarching government exists over the whole sentient species, but it is unknown currently whether each community has its own form of governance. This overarching government exists in the form of Eefiga, or Matrons.


Even before they went blind, Quarryn had no desire to produce their own music or instruments. Instead, music that represents their homeland (Matriarch Grove) invokes the feeling of humid air as it condenses, dripping down from one tree to the next.


Quarryn are by and large vegan, due to their connection to non-sentient life, or fauna. However, they also are aware that flora are non-sentient creatures as well, and only eat plants that they have grown by hand, with many Quarryn refusing to even trust other Quarryn to grow food for them.


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Quarryn, as do the other Sentient Species, accept the first section of the Ontiba without question. Quarrnyl is worshiped on the same level as the other deities overall, though some Quarryn view her as a mother-nature, patron-saint kind of figure.


Most Quarryn, being female wear a piece of clothing similar to a corset, though there are some design variations. Most colours on their clothing are darker shades of blue and green, though there are some black and white designs as well. Leather is often incorporated in Quarryn clothing and while it can be dyed it is usually left showing its natural colour.


Quarryn architecture is built from– or rather grown from– trees. Depending on the location of the tree within the community, Quarryn will determine and plan out what kind of structure it needs to be. Business and houses share similar structural shapes and grown in size depending on what the need of the owner is. Over time the tree is grown into the right shapes and the business owner(s) or family(s) can move in. There are a few special, distinguishing types of structures. Most notably, the top two are different, and are grown to brace Quarryn ships upon landing and take-off. The largest structure on the right is grown over non-Quarryn communities, so that they may build whatever buildings they feel comfortable in, but under the blessing and watch of Quarrnyl.


Quarryn ships are spherical and strikingly different from the travel methods of other Sentient Species. They propel themselves into space with thrusters on the bottom. Underneath the exteriors of the ship lie at least three and up to eight disk sections that are the levels of the ship. Their ships can also be vibrant and bright as opposed to much of their culture. None of their function and distinction between ships is known by non-Quarryn.