February Checkup

This was the month of Quarryn… right? Well, February is short, and the Quarryn are weird. They’re really weird. You’ll see what I mean in a bit, but it’s a challenge to make stuff that’s weird enough for the Quarryn but not too weird for you guys. Not trying to make excuses, but trying to design their culture and customs is an exercise of standing on one’s head, metaphorically. My biggest challenge is designing a culture that has no use for conventional aesthetics, but can still see in a sense so it can’t be ugly (so to speak).

Quarryn Ships


The ships started around this idea of a spherical shape, with nobs on top and bottom I had, where several layers of natural looking growth had overtaken the sphere. It was weird, but you could imagine it being a ship, sort of. That’s the first concept. Over time I developed it into a core (seen on left) with a series of rings around it. These rings are the decks of the ship, accessible through the core of the ship and in some designs by the outside. Each deck points from the core outward as a rotation, which are the triangle annotations to the left of the sphere-design (bottom center). The point of these triangles had a purpose at one point, but when it came to designing the natural growth over the triangles, that purpose became discarded. The four versions of the growth I’ve settled on and are still choosing from all are inspired from plants, some flowers, some vegetables and a fruit. Some appeal to the eye better than others. I’m not particularly sold on any of them, but they’re the final four designs I have out of several more. Maybe the Quarryn use all four for different purposes of ships?

Dreads Character Sketch

Here’s one of our main characters, Dreads. I didn’t do one of these sketches for Dreadlock (yet). Colouring and proportions are pretty final as well as the overall design. The only thing still uncertain for this design is the spacing of the eyes to make him somewhere in between a natural octopus look (like Dreadlock) or more together like a character. Small refinements will continue to happen, but for now- this is Dreads.

There aren’t any real annotations or outfits because, well, he’s an octopus.



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