In Extremis Wrap-Up

January Wrap-Up

January was a good month for In Extremis, both in the website and in general. At the time of writing, January is the second most popular month in the website’s history. While the history of the website isn’t that long, it is fantastic to continue to see the monthly support in the hundreds. This month was half kickstarter, and half Avotoc, as it played out. This Wrap-Up should be pretty brief so let’s get right to it.

2014 Year Wrap-Up: In a series (of 12) succinct musings, I recounted how 2014 went. If you’re new, definitely check that out to see what went down last year.

Inferred Avotoc Culture: With a series (of 3) pictures and a short improvised piece of music, I analyzed the culture of the Avotoc Sentient Species based on the artwork I had drawn out, and other established elements from previous articles.

Kickstarter Closing: In the middle of the month, the kickstarter campaign came to a close. While we didn’t meet the funding goal, it did help me realize what more I needed to do for the next campaign. As time passes, hopefully the amount of funding decreases as well, to make the campaign easier. I’ll have more on that as time passes.

Kaeoubo: I just posted this a few days ago, so you might not have had the opportunity to read this yet. So as to not spoil it, you should read it, but I’ll tell you this: it’s about a musical instrument used by the Avotoc.

Avotoc Culture: In the vein of “Inferred Avotoc Culture”, this article discussed the Avotoc Culture in more depth and in more segments than the previous article.

February looks to have plenty in store, in terms of artwork, music and articles.