Kickstarter Closing

Re-purposed from final Kickstarter update, which can be found here.
In Extremis will be back on Kickstarter.

That is the most important lesson gleaned from this opportunity. What will happen next and over the next few months will not be too dissimilar from the planned timeline if the campaign had been funded. I’ll be continuing to work on the project at almost the same pace I would have been, and devoting more time to growing the fanbase across several communities on different web outlets.

In Extremis will continue to be hosted on the same website, and the facebook page. My aim is to continue to provide content updates on these two sites in the same way that I have in the past, and post updates and engage with a larger audience on new websites.

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest following by either signing up for the website’s email list or liking In Extremis on facebook. To sign up for the email list, hit the orange button on the right sidebar of the main page that says “follow” (you must have a wordpress account). To like on facebook, you can either go here, or go to the main page of this website and like on the right sidebar.

I hope to see you all along with many more in the future.


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