In Extremis Wrap-Up

2014 Year Wrap-Up

2014 was a great year for the website and In Extremis in general. February saw In Extremis celebrate 2 years since content was posted on the internet along with this website being launched. Though there were no monthly wrap-ups for January and February, I want to go back through the year month by month and briefly cover what happened.

January: The first month of the year was when I decided to start becoming serious about publishing In Extremis as a book rather than a collection of web chapters. I began to look into ways to make this happen, and started research on self-publishing and how to make that happen.

February: Two year anniversary of the first time I posted anything relevant to In Extremis on the web. Two years ago from this month I posted the beginnings of the backstory, what has since become the Ontiba. By the end of February I had decided that I was going to try to crowdfund the publishing of the book, and Kickstarter was my final choice due to the community and success of others.

March: This website began before March, but really got going underway in March. The first post on the website happened in this month, as well as posting the first pieces of concept art out on this website.

April: April saw a lull in the site as there was only one post on the website during the entire month, and record lows for site views that will hopefully never be matched.

May: I returned to posting more content in May, as I finished a year of college, moved back home and resumed work on the book after a few brief interruptions. The book was almost finished in May, as well as some music work was put out.

June: Quite a lot of artwork got done in June, all environmental comps. An article was posted about the universe as a whole that named the sections of Omneutta for the first time. The book was finished (writing, not editing), and I worked on the musical theme a bit.

July: Though there was some more artwork and information about the soundtrack, the main event of July was the seven Sentient Species articles. I also got the editing copy of Chasing Shadows and began editing.

August: By the end of the month I had posted two wrap-ups. The first one mainly covered some graphic design I spent the last parts of the summer doing. By the end of the month, I had finished the map of Davo and finished two atmosphere tracks.

September: I introduced the first created language for In Extremis. Aevot, the language of the Avotoc. I also completed another atmosphere track and some more concept art. I also made note of finishing the first pass of editing.

October: I started ramping up production in october without having to spend time daily on editing. I got quite a bit of artwork done along with another atmosphere.

November: Plenty more artwork, another atmosphere track, and some final preparations for the kickstarter campaign set In Extremis up for December.

December: The last month of the year saw records for viewership on the website and facebook page, almost doubling the monthly totals and daily averages. The kickstarter campaign kicked into gear and hit full stride at the end of the year. The second article on language was published, as well as more artwork.

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