Kickstarter Update 3- Posters

Check out the kickstarter here, or click the “kickstarter” heading at the top of the page.
Another Kickstarter update is here, and this one brings the last of the rewards.

Three new reward tiers are available, to go with three posters, though each reward tier is not tied to an individual poster. The three posters each represent a different art style, with one being my normal style of cartooned characters over a painterly background, another being abstract and the third being impressionistic. The abstract poster was made possible by contributions of my friend Dylan, who was the artist I had mentioned in the last update for his artwork.


Now, let’s talk about the three new reward tiers.

$15 Reward Tier– One Physical 11″x17″ (or 17″x11″) poster. Select the reward now, choose which poster later.

$35 Reward Tier- One of each: Paperback copy of the book (6″x9″), Physical soundtrack (Your choice of two), Physical Poster (Your choice of three).

$50 Reward Tier- Everything. One Paperback copy of the book (6″x9″), Both Physical Soundtracks, and All three posters.


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