In Extremis Wrap-Up

December Wrap-Up

Yet another month end with two posts in a row. Really, it should be three but I decided that for both the flair of tomorrow being New Year’s Day and not overloading you guys with three posts today, the Year-End Wrap-Up will be tomorrow to highlight the good stuff from 2014. A good chunk of December (Half to be exact) was taken up by the Kickstarter and the campaign’s updates- but there was other content that I worked on that was independent of the campaign, to a degree. As always, I’ll start by covering the content already on site from December, and then move on to content that I didn’t post during the month. Since the Kickstarter took up most of the posts on the website, we’ll start with coverage of the kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Launch: In this post I welcomed in users who would be coming to the website from the kickstarter campaign page, as well as introducing the regulars of this site to the specifics of the campaign itself.

Kickstarter Update 1: In this first update of the kickstarter campaign, I showed off the book cover. Both the front cover with the text, as well as the full cover with the back and spine. I also added in the $30 reward tier that I had forgotten at launch. I also talked about a surprise that I had coming which was…

Kickstarter Update 3: Posters! The surprise I had mentioned in the first Kickstarter update (yes, I didn’t host Update 2 on the site) was posters. The artist whose work I had shown in the first update also collaborated with me on the Abstract poster, and there are two other posters. This update also introduced three (3) more reward tiers for the final push of funding.

Doors: (and What They Lead To) was a post where I started out with a simple art concept and expanded upon it with some text to make a more rounded out concept overall. I analyzed each doorway visually and what those visual ‘clues’ might mean for each Sentient Species (not including deities).

Ontrett: Unfortunately, my first article in a long time. Hopefully, more of those rolling around soon. This article covered the language of the Deities as well as the two scripts of the language.

Kolegi z Neijwiedz: Another concept of the Kolegi, this time designed from a few angles at the same time with some notes for comparison. As seen in the previous concept, as well as general Turath concepts– the Kolegi is situated upon a flattened section of a valley, or at least in between hills, like most Turath structures. I want to make more of these to illustrate that they can be modular, so as the college “expands” and more members come in or more records/discoveries are made, they can easily add another floor without rearranging the existing floors.

Kolegi z Neijwiedz

Avotoc Houses: Another Avotoc house concept. I’m starting what I hope to be a series where I look at houses, office buildings, and stores for each sentient species and draw them out with some notes. There isn’t much new here from any of the other Avotoc House concepts, just illustrating how the round doors work, and how the pillars with ice crystals as well as the banners fit in with the ship-shape (pun intended) houses.

Avotoc Homes