Not much is known about the development of Ontrett as a language. It has been around for all of recorded history, since the initial recording of history through the Ontiba was written in Ontrett. According to the Ontiba, the records and experiment notes in Porrair‘s library on Astran are written in Ontrett, which would make them the origination of the language. The split of scripts is thought to happened some time before the completion of the Ontiba, due to some wall carvings and murals that predate the events of the Ontiba having since been found.


Lined Script
Lined Script

There are two versions of Ontrett that is written out depending on the medium that Ontrett is being written on. When being written on parchment or other script based materials that are to be distributed (like the Ontiba) the Full Script is used. The Full Script is just generic use of the text, filled with a solid colour (the colour can change based on publication), and the text itself is also thinner. Lined Script is seen to the left, where the edges of the text are solid like the full text, but the interior are divided between segments of solid colour and multi-directional lines. Lined Script is used when writing Ontrett on murals, wall carvings or on statues– things that are stationary with little chance of bleed or wear over time since Lined Script takes much more time to write out.

Behind The Language

Used by Deities, other races writing about the Deities
Pronunciation on-treh-U

Ontrett is composed of circles and rounded lines to form symbols that represent single letters, along with a few letter combinations. Most of the English language vowels and consonants are accounted for, with some letter combinations representing sounds for letters that have multiple, that way Ontrett letters are able to have one sound per letter or combination.


There are 31 letters in the Ontrett alphabet, with 10 vowels and 21 consonants. It is of note which symbols are single letters and which are pairs. For example, the pair “ea” represents the A sound, while a single a represents the ah sound. Also of note is the pairings ch and sc. The letter ‘c’ does not exist by itself in Ontrett.


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