Kickstarter Update 1

Hello everyone!

To go to the kickstarter and view this update or pledge, click “Kickstarter” at the top of this page in the menu (or click here).

Even though there hasn’t been much activity so far, there’s still plenty of time, and with the holiday season upon us maybe you’re not sure that a gift purchased now that comes in June is worth it. Well, I have some things that might change your mind.
They say not to judge a book by its cover, but I hadn’t released the cover of the book yet, so you couldn’t even judge it based on that. Well, withhold judgement no more, for now I have the cover! I’m really proud of all the hours of work that went into the cover that really captures the art style of the project. The cartooney characters on painterly backgrounds is a contrast that I really like to use and I feel like it fits well with the project. It’s not 100% final, and may (probably will) change in between now and the time that the book is finished.

Front Cover
Full Cover

Next up is a reward that I forgot to include in the initial launch, the $30 reward tier. This reward will include one physical copy of In Extremis: Chasing Shadows, as well as the physical copies of both the Full OST and the Piano Arrangements version of the soundtrack.

Lastly, is my surprise that I’m beyond excited about. A friend of mine who has been producing graphic design, pixel art and plenty of other 2-D art has decided to lend a hand for a new kind of reward based on the art of In Extremis that will be announced in a few days. Here’s an example of Dylan’s work:


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