Kickstarter Launch

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For those of you coming from Kickstarter, welcome to the website! You should check out the About page for a short synopsis of the project and how to navigate the site. It’s fairly easy and straightforward. Blog Posts are blog-ish posts that document the project’s growth and history over time, while Information posts cover wiki-like posts about various things in the In Extremis Universe.


Now, let’s talk about what you’re probably most interested in, the rewards.

Digital Soundtracks
There are two different digital soundtracks available, the Full OST and the Piano Arrangements soundtrack. The difference between the two is that the Full OST is what most people would think of when it comes to a soundtrack. There are going to be a few fully orchestrated tracks (meaning music written for a full orchestra, like classical music), but mostly the instrumentation will be similar to the Atmospheres LP, found in the Freebies section of the Kickstarter page. The Piano Arrangements version will have most of the tracks from the Full OST, but arranged so that they are performable as piano solos and duets.

The Digital Soundtracks, both the Full OST and the Piano Arrangements will be .mp3 files at either 44.1kHz or 48kHz. Depends on what I can consistently get out of my computer.

Physical Soundtracks
The Physical Soundtracks are the same pieces of music as the Digital versions, but mailed to you on physical CDs instead. The CDs will be carefully packaged in paper sleeves with an old-timey design that evokes some fantasy elements that the book was built around. The Physical Soundtracks will be the same .mp3 files at the same sampling rate as whatever I can get the Digital Soundtrack too, just on a physical medium for those who prefer it.

In Extremis: Chasing Shadows will be available in two eBook formats, ePUB (used by pretty much every eReader) and MOBI (used by kindle). Even if you don’t have a kindle, I would recommend making sure that your eReader supports the ePUB file format. A quick Google search of your product should confirm that. The eBook versions of In Extremis: Chasing Shadows will be no different from the physical version of the book, other than a change in page numbers due to being able to resize font in eBooks.

The paperback version of In Extremis: Chasing Shadows will be 6″ x 9″, with a semigloss cover.

I’ve got a few surprises in store in the form of more rewards. Should I release different rewards that you’re interested in, there is a “Manage My Pledge” section on the Kickstarter page where you can always change your pledge amount, selecting a new reward tier.

Stretch Goals
There are indeed stretch goals, should the campaign make it past the required amount. The way stretch goals work on kickstarter is that when a project gets funded past the amount it signed up with, the project can put out some stretch goals- new funding goals to either upgrade the reward tiers or to do more with their project than they were originally able to.


2 Replies to “Kickstarter Launch”

  1. btw they don’t accept money from the card company I use and you’ll understand that I won’t get a visa or mastercard card for only this. ): Would have donated 20$ (CAD)
    Can you contact me by email for an alternate way to send money? I think you can see my email on hsf in the admin panel.


  2. Good shit.
    (Where I’m, they say that saying good luck for big things will only bring the contrary of what is wished and so, to bypass this, we say “Merde” or “Bonne merde” which translate to good shit)

    Skipped school just to say this :D


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