In Extremis Wrap-Up

November Wrap-Up

What’s that? Two posts on ONE DAY?? You bet’cha. The earlier post today was about the Kickstarter Campaign (because it’s happening SOON), and this one as you can see is the November Monthly Wrap-Up. So, I’ll talk about stuff I did in November. As the title says.Let’s start by taking a look at stuff you’ve already seen to refresh your memories, then we’ll move on to new stuff, and things I hadn’t posted yet.

Avotoc Clothing: I posted the basic concepts in late October, saying that more would come soon, and it took until the 11th of November, but more eventually did come. I posted 3 images of Avotoc clothing that illustrate the clothing choices and their style in general, as well as a bit of text discussing why.

Turath Clothing/Bodies: This was essentially the Avotoc Basic Concepts and Clothing in one post… but it was Turath. I discussed the physiology initially,comparing and contrasting with both humans and felines, and then moved on to the clothing. Similar to the previous post, I discussed the why of the style choices of the species.

Recent Concepts: The Turath Dossier pages (1 and 2) were essentially summaries of the previous post, with some new information and symbols tacked on. They’re incomplete pending more concept work but I thought I’d show them off. The Avotoc versions will be here soon. Speaking of Avotoc, I also posted some new concepts of two of our characters in Chasing Shadows, Skeli and Mis’Kelin.

Future Plans: Part III: This post discusses the Kickstarter in a lot greater detail than I have been able to before, including a starting date (Spoiler: It’s Dec. 15) and an end date (Jan. 15), as well as detailing some of the freebies I’ll be dishing out to help convince you to help fund me.

As I said earlier in the Recent Concepts summary, the Avotoc Dossiers would be here soon, and here they are:

Avotoc Dossier Page #1
Avotoc Dossier Page #2
Avotoc Dossier Page #2

In the future I plan on putting some really striking concepts that best illustrate the species (whatever sentient species the pages are on) in the middle of page #1, perhaps even some concepts to illustrate the different races within each species. But, at the moment not every species has different races, so that idea doesn’t have much traction. I just know for sure that I want them to be visually definitive and representative of the species without a whole, so I’m also unsure of whether or not they should be clothed.


Also new is the final Sentient Species atmosphere track, the Turath. It’s a little quiet, so headphones/earbuds are optimal. Check it out here:

I have some more stuff that will come to view during the kickstarter, or perhaps before then. The next monthly wrap-up should be interesting, as it will be right in the middle of the kickstarter (and New Year’s Eve), so I’m not sure if it’ll have a lot of kickstarter coverage or just be a normal wrap-up.
Speaking of kickstarter, the next post I plan on making on the website will be a home-base for those new to the project coming over from kickstarter complete with links and galleries of all the images. Should be super helpful if you’d like a refresher of everything that’s happened on the site as well.