Future Plans: Part III

The one about the Kickstarter.

So, here I am again to talk about the future. This time however, it’s right around the corner. The Kickstarter campaign for In Extremis: Chasing Shadows (That’s this book) will be starting on December 15th (either midnight or 8am, CST) and ending on January 15th at midnight (going into the 16th, again CST). This gives me 30 days to run the campaign, answering questions, providing updates, and most importantly- convincingĀ you to donate your hard-earned (or easily-earned, I don’t know) money towards my campaign. That’s crucial.

I’ll tell you a few things I’m going to do for the kickstarter campaign, but I still have a few things up my sleeves, and thingsĀ do change over time, so maybe someone will throw a cool idea out that I can make happen. Firstly, to help convince you of the effort I’ve put into this project, I’ll be releasing the first few pages (via .pdf) as well as an EP of the atmospheric tracks that are up on my soundcloud, but reworked and lengthened slightly so you get more (and better) cool music out of it.

Here’s a link to the playlist if you can’t wait until December 15th. If you don’t want to open a new tab, here it is:

Now, what about after the Kickstarter? When do you get your cool books and musics and stuffs? If all goes well, Early June 2015.

WHAT? That’s a long time from now!

Well, yeah. It is. But, the good news is that it gives me more time to go over editing the book, working on the music, and making cool art. It also gives me time to go home, so that shipping is an easier experience. A less stressed out me means happier fans who get their packages earlier.

With that being said, what happens to the website over that time? Well, I’ll be putting preview snippets of the soundtracks up like I did here, as well as putting up some more promo artwork and continuing to update all of you who follow along with my progress. Just like always. So, nothing really changes with the website, I’ll just be putting up different stuff. Though, I will be doing my best to get more information articles up, rather than just blog posts. What information articles do we have now? You can check by clicking the ‘Information’ tab at the top of the page in the menu, or by clicking here. I know for a fact that we’ll be getting more information articles about the languages … just as soon as I finish the languages in photoshop.


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