In Extremis Wrap-Up

October Monthly Wrap-Up

I had really planned on having more content being done for this month, but life happens. You enjoy things, have conversations that unexpectedly and pleasantly take longer than expected, you take some long naps, classes become more interesting, and boring classes assign more work. You know, life.

First and foremost, I’d like to say Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate. I posted this earlier on the In Extremis facebook page (shameless plug) and now Skeli will help me wish those of you who keep up via this site.


Now, onto the monthly Wrap-Up:

Kolegi Concepts: Here I presented two concept pages for the Turath scholars and leaders of the Kolegi z Niejwiedz that Skeli visits on his travels. The background info is a little sparse because I haven’t had the necessity (or time) to flesh it out as much as some other organizations, but that’ll change with time.

Sha’an Atmosphere: Not much to say here that I haven’t already said in the post I’m linking you to. I recommend you listen to it with headphones/earbuds if possible because the drums overpower everything else on speakers. I’ll see what I can do about that in the future to find a balance.

Basic Avotoc Sketches: Oh, they’re so basic. Within the link you’ll find 16 sketches of various sized (and aged) Avotoc, with some scribbled notes to help describe why they look the way they do. Also I typed some rationale out so you don’t have to struggle to read my hand writing.

Three Environments: Finally, I finished the three sketches I had been (not really) working on for a long time. I started these a month or so ago and finally worked up the desire to finish them. I talk about each of them in detail following the link.

Turath Skyscrapers: As I said in the previous link, I’d talk about the buildings of the Turath more in detail later. Well, later is now (mind boggling, isn’t it? no…? well then just keep reading). Here my handwriting is larger and more legible, so I’ll talk about the notes. Rather than being one building- some buildings are a conglomeration of towers built right up against the walls of others. Other towers have sections that begin at the top of one tower and continue upwards. All of the buildings have a diamond plated exterior (not the material, just the shape) which lends to structural soundness and protection from weather of all seasons. Probably not, but in this fantasy world it does.


I said at the beginning that I wanted to put more into the Wrap-Up. Based on the facebook posts of what I wanted to get done each week, I have a lot of stuff that is somewhere between started and almost finished, and most of them should be completed in early November. If not, I have Thanksgiving break to get a lot done, as I won’t be traveling. Here’s what I really wanted to get done that I’ll have next week:

  • Avotoc clothing concepts
  • Basic Turath sketches
  • Turath clothing concepts
  • Turath Atmosphere music
  • Avotoc and Turath pages like the Kolegi and OLAH pages
  • Character concepts and pages

I know that seems like a lot, but most of them are accumulations of drawings I’ve already done, or drawings that are mostly complete (well, except for the atmosphere music since that’s not a drawing). I hope to have all of this plus more at the end of November, where we’ll be only a couple of weeks away from the Kickstarter campaign. More news on that soon.

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