More Environment Concepts

Yay, more content. Not quite sure what will be posted tomorrow and what else will be saved for the monthly Wrap-Up on Friday (or posted in the morning), but here’s what I have to present today. Three new environment concept pieces. One you have already seen part of in the Sha’an Atmosphere post, but the other two are new.

Sha’an Environment #2

First, there’s the Sha’an concept. I’m not sure entirely what I’m going to do with Sha’an cities yet, but I do know a few things. Most importantly- they’re dystopias. The Sha’an are constantly in strife for one reason or another and their buildings are always being torn down and/or never finished; eventually this just became their distinctive architecture. The buildings connect to each other by large wires/cables, though I’m not sure what they’re for yet. Perhaps the Sha’an can travel across them?

Quarryn Environment #3

Secondly is the Quarryn piece. This continues on the same theme of the previous two pieces I’ve shown (here and here) of large trees for the Quarryn to mold into their homes, as well as running water and an ominous (sort of) green light in the background. Perhaps that’s just the haze of their atmospheres? This time, however, I’ve also included some thinner trees to show that the Quarryn have to create their dwellings and buildings over time, letting the trees mature before they open them up to use. I kind of threw in a canopy at the last second- not sure if I want the trees to have leaves/canopies; perhaps just while they’re growing.

Turath Environment #3

Last but not least is a Turath piece. In stark contrast to the Kolegi z Neijwiedz, this concept piece shows a Turath town, full of many different buildings. Turath build their cities on the edges of lakes, or in the bottom of valleys. If neither of those are possible, then they’ll live on the other extreme- on the tops of hills and mountains. The Turath are pretty advanced architecturally since they learn about all of the other Sentient Species. Their buildings are adorned with many different add-ons as well as covered in diamond/rhombus shaped plates of metal, as a way to make them structurally sound as well as built quickly and even to deal with different seasons since most of the Turath cities live on planet-stars or in areas that experience all four seasons. I’ll have more on their buildings themselves later. On the hill in the lake is a temple of sorts, most likely to seek the council of Taruthe.


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