Avotoc Basic Sketches

Part I of hopefully several this week- time to dump some images onto the site so I have things to talk about come the monthly Wrap-Up at the end of the week. This particular sketch is of the four base groups of Avotoc citizens, young, mature, overweight, and elderly Avotoc. There’s 16 sketches with some notes to help differentiate each group and the different Avotoc within each group. Obviously, mature Avotoc are taller than younger ones, as well as thinner than overweight ones, as well as being more healthy in appearance than those who are gettingup there in age. With no ‘stomach’ area, the overweight Avotoc pudge up in different areas, such as the limbs themselves and the ribcage area. It is worth note that once Avotoc’s mature, nothing affects their skull size other than physical damage.



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