In Extremis Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up

Well, I wasn’t able to finish some things I wanted to for this month, but alas. They’ll be seen soon; I’ll even spill the beans as to what they are at the end of this post.
I had thought September was going to be a much busier month for In Extremis, but I wasn’t really able to get many things finish until late in the month, which was when I started my posting spree on the 20th. Without lamenting about being behind any longer, onto the monthly Wrap-Up:

Quick Update: Not much content wise, literally just a quick update stating where I was in regards to editing the book (first pass), and that I’d be trying to post content from this post (Sept. 20) all the way until now (monthly Wrap-Up). Mission accomplished. Kind of. Also I shamelessly promoted the In Extremis facebook page.

Aevot: So, I have a bunch of languages for the species to speak, and some to write. It takes a long time to build a language, with its own rules of punctuation, grammar and the ilk. It takes longer to create meaningful, unique and recognizable characters to represent the new languages. One alphabet down. A few more to go.

Another Checkpoint: This was me finishing the first pass of editing. I also introduced the Index, briefly.

Deity Atmosphere Track: Why not just post this here? Alright, might as well. The link’s there if you want to read my write-up about it.

Three Concept Pieces: Though I published these on two different days, why not include them here. You can visit the individual links of each post by clicking the pictures in the picture browser (on the right side of the screen). If you want to read my initial thoughts and reactions about the pieces, visit those pages. If you want some eye candy, here.

Turath Environment #1
Astran Environment #1
Poria Environment #3

Here’s some other news: What I wanted to include in this monthly Wrap-Up were the concept pages for the Kolegi z Niejwiedz (I might have misspelled that…) which I just posted the comp for as “Turath Environment #1”. The concept pages introduce you to the lore of the Kolegi itself as well as the appearance of its members. You’ll be familiar with the layout of those pages if you read this update on the OLAH concepts. So, those’ll be out some time during October. Hopefully as soon as possible. I’d also like to get some similar work done on the Species themselves, as well as finish up more languages and the Index. But I can only do so much.







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