Two More Concept Pieces

Astran Environment #1
Turath Environment #1

Today, I have two brand new environments that I haven’t previously showed concept for. Neither are particularly well fleshed-out, but they are environmental concepts, to give me a few to choose from when I decide on a few pieces to finish. I would say the first piece is more finished than the second, but the second has more of a finished concept behind the artwork itself.

The first piece is representative of Astran, the central star-planet of Omneutta, and the fabled home of the Deities. The building in the background is the center continent of Astran, a vast library that contains anything and everything that is and ever was throughout Omneutta. I’m not sure exactly which continent the point-of-view is from, though it could be Extiru’s, based of the dryer grass I ended up going with.

The second piece is the “Kolegi z Neijwiedz” from the latter half of the book. I’ll leave it for you to figure out what they do there, but as you can see it’s a tower-ish building pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It’s kind of hard to draw nowhere, so if this design is one I end up progressing, I’ll need to do a better job illustrating the rest of the area.

The monthly Wrap-Up is tomorrow at some point, and I doubt I’ll have anything new, but we’ll see.


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