Another Checkpoint Reached

As the Kickstarter campaign draws closer and the project moves forward, I am proud to announce another milestone. The first wave of editing of the book has been completed. Through this editing process I looked at four main categories, spelling/grammar, the formatting of the book, continuity within the book and other established lore, as well as changing some plot progression around to clarify and enhance character development. Some of the chapter names have been changed, and several mistakes have been fixed, if you were one of the few who has had the opportunity to read the book so far. Your input has been invaluable in this process.

One of my teachers once quoted someone with far more experience than I have, who said something along the lines of ‘art is never finished, an artist simply has a deadline’. I’ve come to understand that as I’ve gone through several processes with this project. The book will never truly be ‘finished’. I can continue to nitpick until there is no book left, or I can step back when I think the book is coherent enough to present itself without any further explanation from myself to the reader. Another step towards that point will be another editing pass-through of the book, one where I check the times and dates of events, make sure that they fit within my already established lore (the map of Omneutta), and then make sure that the times of day for settings also agree with how much time should have passed.

Before that next editing pass-through though, I will begin working on the Index, and looking to finish that before I resume editing the book. The Index will be in the rear of the book after the last chapter, to help readers make sense of all my invented languages and their pronunciations, the species, and locations within Omneutta. It will be concisely constructed and be there to aid readers when they need it.


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