Early on in their history, the Avotoc lived under water and wrote on stone. Their language had to be legible and able to be carved into stone. Aevot, the language of the Avotoc is made of connected squares, circles, and triangles. Specific combinations make letters and phonetic combinations, and letters are connected to form words; each word has a unique shape. There are 26 combinations of shapes that form recognizable letters and phonetic letter combinations. There are 9 symbols that use vowel sounds and 17 consonants.

Behind The Language

Used by Avotoc
Pronunciation A-voht

Aevot is composed of both symbols and English based letters, though some of the letter combinations do not produce the same sounds as they would in English. Aevot uses English letters to form its own words which can be represented by English letters or Aevot symbols.


There are 25 letters in the Aevot alphabet, with 8 vowels and 17 consonants. Both ‘c’ and ‘s’ represent the s sound – an s or soft c. There are 6 letter pairings that represent specific sounds, with the notable ‘px’ as the letter ‘x’ does not exist outside of this combination.


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