Quick Update

Hey all-

Sorry for the lack of updates for the bulk of September. I’ve done plenty of work, but the all-important presence of schoolwork (among other things) has kept me from finishing several things I’ve started. So, in the upcoming week-and-a-half until the monthly Wrap-Up, I’ll be trying to post something each day, whether it be a blog post with art/music, or an article detailing something new about Omneutta.

Editing is almost done, and I have a pretty good idea on the final size of the book, and I’ll be sure once I’m done with the Index, which I’ll be working on starting this upcoming week. Once the Index is done, all of the rewards for the kickstarter campaign can be set and I begin pouring my time into something other than editing every day.

As always, I publish weekly to-do list (I call it a forecast, but still) on the facebook page. I recommend you to like the page if you have a facebook and you haven’t already. I’m not too intrusive, usually only posting on Mondays and whenever something happens on the wordpress.

Sorry that this kind of turned into a letter,

-Mr. Skeli’n


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