In Extremis Wrap-Up

August Wrap-Up: The Real Deal

Earlier this month, I shared my uncertainty about my housing situation, and for a few days after I got here, there was no wifi. First world problem, yes, but crucial to continuing to move forward with In Extremis. After a few days of sub-par connection, the internet decided this afternoon of all times to completely give out. I have moved to an alternate location for a few hours, but this can’t continue to happen. Hopefully that will change…

Anyway, onto the monthly wrap-up. Let’s start with the first post of the month:

An Update on Two Fronts: In this post I talked about two things (hence the title), pronunciation of ‘In Extremis’ and some updates on the kickstarter campaign. Chiefly, some pricing for certain things has become clearer, allowing me to better understand how much I’m looking to raise.

Two Tracks: In this post, I showed you guys two 10-second clips of what’s actually going to be on the soundtrack. These are clips of the final versions of these songs, so what you hear now is what you’re going to get.

Maybe August Wrap-Up: In this update that I thought might have been the last post of August, I had a bunch of stuff. There was the Quarryn environment concept, which I thought I was going to have more of in this update (sorry), as well as some graphic design. There was also the OLAH concept pages that I put out, along with the atmospheric soundscape for Avotoc planet-stars and cities.

Onto stuff that happened during the second half of the month:


Here’s an updated map of Davo, our adventurer’s home planet-star. There are still some missing locations, as I continue to rename a lot of the towns/locations away from their working titles I hastily added two-plus years ago. Also, there’s a compass Rose, but there’s no real North/South/East/West in In Extremis, so I’m still figuring out what to replace that with.


Next up is another atmospheric track, this time of Poria. It IS a little boring/emotionless by intention. The race as a whole is a little unimaginative, focused in their work/rules and I tried to make the music reflect that.

Last but not least is possibly the coolest announcement I have. Skeli’n Studios, and In Extremis are at a new domain- if you hadn’t already noticed. Bookmark (or however you remember the site) If you forget and type in ‘.com’, that will hopefully redirect here soon. You can keep using the wordpress link (if you really want to, but it will redirect here.

That’s all for now. I think August was more eventful than July, and hopefully September is even better. The countdown to the kickstarter campaign has begun.


One reply on “August Wrap-Up: The Real Deal”

I love how you’ve drawn map! It looks like how they draw maps in older vgs, so I got a bit of nostalgia!
Poria Atmosphere track is great! I think it’s hard to make “emotionless” music, this is very fitting to how you described the Porias!


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