An Update on Two Fronts

Today I wanted to address two things, in a short little update. Those two things are the pronunciation of In Extremis and a small update on the Kickstarter Campaign.

First off, we have the pronunciation of In Extremis. According to MacMillian dictionary, there’s one correct way to pronounce it, similar to saying ‘an extremist’. Here’s the American and British pronunciations. However, for over two years now I’ve been pronouncing it similar to ‘extremity‘, with an EH after the ‘r’. I pronounce it ‘ex tr eh mis’ rather than ‘extreme is’. Seeing as how the second is supposed to be correct but I prefer the later, I’ll leave it up to you as individuals as which you prefer. Plenty of other authors have twisted pronunciation to suit them before.

Secondly, a small update on the timeline of the kickstarter campaign. I’ll be applying for copyright soon and all that good stuff, so costs are becoming clearer. Ultimately it all depends on how many pages I end up having after editing that will affect everything. But with costs overall becoming clearer, I can more easily create rewards and this gem of news:

The Kickstarter campaign will launch in early-mid December and wrap up in mid-late January.

That’s all for now. Later this week I will be putting some snippets of the newly-redone tracks up, so keep an eye on the site and the facebook page.


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