In Extremis Wrap-Up

July Wrap Up

Well, it’s time again for the monthly wrap up. You know it by now, the summary of everything I got done in the past 30-ish days, with links to the website when applicable. As always, you can like In Extremis on the right side of every page, or by visiting the Facebook page. Now, time to get to the recap of July:

Avotoc Environment #1
Kettlah Environment #2
Kettlah Environment #2
Xiruen Environment #3
Xiruen Environment #3

Earlier this month I completed three more environment sketches. I’ve got two each for Xiruen and Avotoc, as well as three for the Kettlah. I’d like to move on to other species next. These are all mostly from a distance, just getting me used to the palette and beginning to make adjustments on fine-tuning the environments. For instance, I already know I don’t want Avotoc buildings to be that long.

Before The Wind:

  • Information about the current plot-arc which contains Chasing Shadows and hopefully its sequel
  • Summary of the plot-arc

We’re Talking About Soundtracks Here:

  • Discussion about the planned soundtracks for Chasing Shadows
  • Clarification on what was planned and what the new plan is going forward

Sentient Species:

  • Seven articles, one for each of the Sentient Species
  • Pictures and physiological information for species-wide averages
  • Not complete, more information to come with time

Chasing Shadows News:

Over the course of the past month, I’ve received the paper copy of the first draft of In Extremis: Chasing Shadows and begun the editing process. Because I’ve been writing the book now for just over two years, the first few chapters had a lot of work to be done to them, but the plot will stay intact. The majority of the changes are to clarify the writing style, and correct any continuity inconsistencies. I am by no means finished with editing, but I am making good progress.


Map News:

I don’t have a lot to report here, but something I’m particularly happy about, that it is. What this is however, is a small teaser for a map within the In Extremis universe. Davo, around 980 A.T., for those inquiring minds. The background also has digital elements reminiscent of the map-sphere itself, a highly advanced tool that helps guide our crew around Omneutta. Along with the digital/tech elements found in the background, the map itself is reminiscent of fantasy maps, and hopefully the blend is well received when I finish the map and most importantly the compass rose.

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