The Turath are a biped felids that, despite being born with all black or bluish-black fur, can become the most colourful Sentient Species in the Known Universe. Like their parent Deity Taruthe, the Turath are able to learn some of the specialized skills of the other Sentient Species, as well as having a strong sense of justice and righteousness.

Biographical Information
Homeworld Plural Language Lifespan
Unknown, Pommel, The Hilt Turths Jistlek 70 years
Physical Information
Average Height Average Weight Distinctions Skin Colour Eye Colour Hair Colour
1.9 meters
6’ 3″
95 kg.
210 lbs.
Patches of Other Colours, Mane, Thin Long Tail Black, Bluish-Black Blue, Can Vary Varies


Turath are the newest Sentient Species, though all were made before the Timekeeping Reset, the Turath were made the closest to it. Despite this, the Turath have flourished over time, featuring a diverse culture and economy that values labour and capital of many kinds. The Turath were also not conceived by their parent Deity, and were a gift from Aster, though Taruthe still feels fondly about them.


Just under 2 meters, the Turath are fairly tall among Omneuttians. One of two species that have tails, the Turath’s tails are longer and thinner than the Sha’an‘s tails. They also have a very distinctive mane, which thickens with age until it begins to thin out during older age. Turath also have the ability to learn other Sentient Species’ skills, which are reflected in the markings all over their bodies. The first skill they learn in depth adorns them with markings on and around their heads, followed by their chests and arms and ultimately their tail and legs. Highly advanced Turath can split these markings into other specializations, after several years of study.


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Turath culture is very vibrant and robust, perhaps the most overall advanced culture in the Known Universe. Their buildings are made with both form and function in mind, and the most advanced cities have tall skyscrapers that have a sophisticated, futuristic appearance, rather than the blocky tall skyscrapers the Poria build. They are very welcoming to other Sentient Species, and welcoming of the other Turath communities. Because of their ability to learn other Sentient Species’ traits, they stress education on their young. Every Turath goes through a mandatory education that is balanced between the teachings of the other Sentient Species, and can continue on voluntarily with any teachings they choose.


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The Hilt was originally conceived to be a geographic microcosm of Omneutta. Despite Taruthe not finishing his plans, the geography of The Hilt varies a great deal between local groups, though mountains and highlands tend to be found throughout.