One could call Quarryn blind, but that is not entirely correct as Quarryn simply no longer have eyes. Because of their lack of eyes, their other senses have been heightened over time. Being a triped also sets them apart in the same way that the Xiruen have four arms.

Biographical Information
Homeworld Plural Language Lifespan
Unknown, Matriarch Grove Quarryns Taenglaa 60 years
Physical Information
Average Height Average Weight Distinctions Skin Colour Races
1.6 meters
5’ 3″
66 kg.
145 lbs.
Three Legs, Branch Veins Dark Green, Blue-Green Goilee, Uiiseg, Craob


According to the Ontiba, the first Quarryn were fraternal triplet sisters, born from the same egg. Quarrynl created the Quarryn with Aster to help her keep track of Porrair and the Poria, and requested from Aster that she be allowed to give birth to offspring directly. Originally intending to have them one at a time, she deemed these first three Quarryn the triumvirate rulers of what would come to be her realm. Eventually Quarrynl would give birth to a male to assist in populating the species without her.
The first few generations of Quarryn looked unlike those that exist presently, with smooth skin, functioning eyes, and an—otherwise from their green skin and three legs—humanoid appearance. Quarrynl gave the triumvirate special artifacts from the rest of Omneutta to help connect them to nature and the land. The Eefiga of Aneet was given the skull of Davoto‘s pet, dug from its grave, which Davoto eventually forgave. The Eefiga of Fandii was given the first sapling grown on Astran. The Eefiga of Taalam was given a metal eye from the Statue of Taruthe, inadvertently causing an eight year war.


Despite not having eyes, Quarryn are well aware of their surroundings– as long as they stand on natural ground. Like many creatures who lack eyesight, their other senses are heightened, specifically their sense of touch. The bottom of each of their three feet contain highly sensitive nerves, so that they can determine where things are by their vibrations through the ground. A sensitive pair of ears also aids in determining their surroundings. The root-like growths on their chests vary on the individual, but ultimately wrap around from the chest to the back. Some Quarryn may have growths going up their backs, onto their arms, or even down their legs.


Main Article: Quarryn Culture

While not as refined as the Poria, the Quarryn do have an air of mystery about their culture. Most aspects of their culture are very aesthetically different from the other Sentient Species and can look weird and foreign. Quarryn are very in-touch with the natural elements of the world, so much so that they build their houses in the large trees that cover their planet-stars.


Main Article: Quarryn-Space

The dense section in the middle of Quarryn-Space is home to over half of the Quarryn in Omneutta, with the rest of Matriarch Grove and The Known Universe containing the entire other half of the species. Due to the sheer amount of plant-life across their space, most of if not all of Matriarch Grove’s planet-stars are quite humid.