By far the most intelligent Sentient Species in Omnuetta on average, the Poria can usually be found working on some new discovery or making current technologies better. Their parent DeityPorrair was brought about to catalog the discoveries of her fellow deities, and the Poria follow in her footsteps. Most of the technological advancements in Omnuetta come from the Poria.

(pohr-E-ah | pohr-ya)

Biographical Information

Unknown,ParalleliumPoriJibhaga80 Years

Physical Information

DistinctionsSkin ColourEye ColourHair ColourRaces
1.8 m.
5’ 10″
91 kg.
198 lbs.
Moving Plates,
Sparking Hair
Dark Gray,
Light Gray
Combinations of
Red, Orange, and Yellow
Combinations of
Red, Orange, and Yellow


Poria were created by Porrair in collaboration with Aster to aid the former Deity in her cataloguing of experiments, and to conduct experiments that she could not perform alone. As such, their culture and heritage is steeped in scientific progress in so much that many of their traditions are in fact derived from experiment results.


Distinctly red-orange skin, the moving currents of their own blood throughout their skin form and move the cooled sections around as hardened plates. These gray plates are relatively thick and tough, shielding not only the Poria from any experiments gone awry, but also keeping the outside world relatively safe from the Poria. Those who aren’t careful with their hands can easily set flammable objects ablaze. Few sections of plates are immobile, such as their collar area, their hands and feet. Their ‘mask’ on their face does not move, but the areas over the eyes and mouth may move to simulate expression. The holes over the eyes are actually unnecessary as their skin has several sense capabilities anywhere it is not covered, enabling Poria to see all of their surroundings if they so choose. The eye holes are said to be for display in order not to be off putting to the other Sentient Species. However, certain Poria have been known to make their face ‘mask’ rather off-putting. As mentioned earlier, these ‘masks’ can change at will, so this may be a Poria form of expression, whether emotion or individuality.


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Poria take almost everything as serious as their experiments, and so their culture can be bland. Their architecture does not consider form at all, only function and all of their buildings are very square and basic as a result. They have devoted entire planet-stars to laboratory research, as it is very important to them. They also have created mechanical, omneugenic continents that can orbit star-planets, as well as other planet-stars at a habitable distance.
Despite their apparent lack of conventional aesthetics, the Poria do desire to be seen in a positive light by the other Sentient Species, as evidenced by the aesthetic space for eyes on their heads. This is also apparent in their speech, while speaking in Omnel; their sentences are always constructed in ways that prevent confusion and they speak without contractions in order to appear more civilized.


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Parallelium is most notable for its widespread inhabitants, the Poria. Their structure and architecture dominate and often eradicate what natural formations and geography exist. Poria are spread evenly across Parallelium, though there are congregations at both city-centres and notable research planet-stars and star-planets.