Kettlah are fairly tall and most easily identifiable by the tendril appendages that can sometimes form wing-esque shapes from the backs of their arms. They also faintly glow, which is easiest to see in a dimly lit or dark area. They can also commune with departed souls, though the skill does take time and training to control.

Biographical Information
Homeworld Plural Language Lifespan
Unknown, Vale Reef Kets Logophem 150 years
Physical Information
Average Height Average Weight Distinctions Skin Colour Eye Colour Races
1.98 meters
6’ 6″
100 kg.
220 lbs.
Eight Tendril Appendages, Shape-Shifting Hands, Slight Glow Golden, Dark Gold, White-Gold White, Gold, Black Keyni, Maoni, Roani, Lueni, Niuni


The Kettlah, like most Sentient Species, came about as the result of a collaboration between Aster and their parent Deity. Created long after the Xiruen, Kettlah were originally intended to help Haket with ensuring that the lessons learned by the now-dead were passed on to the living.


oming in on average at just under 2 meters, the Kettlah are fairly tall, but not as tall as Xiruen. The most distinguishing feature of a Ketllah is their tendrils that form on the back of their arms. These tendrils are used to help Kettlah glide down from larger heights, so that they glide smoothly down. They cannot be used for actual flight. Their next distinguishing feature is their ability to contort, conform and morph their hands into and around any number of shapes.
Their golden glow is also a distinguishing factor. Their skin tone can vary, with the ‘normal’ gold being the most frequent. Lighter gold Kettlah are born with the ability to also see forward in time, though it takes much work to refine the practice. These differences are indicative of what race a Kettlah is.


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The culture of Kettlah is very mysterious, due to their withdrawn nature. They dwell in structures on top of cliffs that peek through the mist that largely envelops their planets. They do posses the technological aptitude to leave their planet-stars. Their buildings and ships are sleek and curved, creating a very alien and futuristic look.


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Vale Reef is one of the more mysterious locales in Omneutta. Most planets are separated into plateaus—flat rocky areas visible from space—and what is referred to as the undergrowth. This separation is the result of a thick layer of cloud-like mist that is incredibly dense.