The Avotoc are a small race that somewhat resemble human skeletons. Because of their time and experience underwater, they are masters of making things waterproof; a very useful trait when it comes to ship building, a main source of income. According to their creation myth in the Ontiba, the Avotoc were created by Davoto and Aster to aid the former in the keeping of the universe’s graveyard, the GreatSea on Davo.

Biographical Information
Homeworld Plural Language Lifespan
Davo, Pale Shores Avoc Aevot 130 years
Physical Information
Average Height Average Weight Distinctions Skin Colour Eye Colour
1.4 meters
4’ 6″
57 kg.
125 lbs.
Skeletal appearance,
Small stature,
Eye sockets


The Ontiba says that Avotoc in Before Time are direct descendants of Davoto. The first generation of Avotoc are all creations between Davoto and Aster. These Avotoc were all given small parts of Davoto’s powers and abilities to manipulate and control at a smaller level. The first generation had only one name, which was always one syllable- always beginning with a consonant and usually ending with a vowel.

The second generation of Avotoc were usually reproduced through mating, though some were creations of Aster and Davoto again. Those who were offspring of two Avotoc adopted both the names of their parents- usually the father’s followed by the mother’s- separated by an apostrophe. This practice was changed some time in between Before and After Time, where it became practice to have an Avotoc’s lineage come before the apostrophe, with the name after being chosen. Children of two different lineages are usually given the name of the lineage considered more ‘pure’ or closer to Davoto.


Their bones function largely similar to human skin, covering most of the surface. Their eyes are more like sockets, with nerves in the back doing the ‘seeing’. If these nerves get agitated in any way, they might partially or fully disconnect, leaving that Avotoc partially or completely blind in that eye. Their lower jaws merge into their upper jaws when they reach maturity, in about 11-13 years of age. They eat and speak through openings in the front of their jaws. These openings can also move slightly, as can their eyes to form facial expressions. Their ‘ribcage’ houses their organs like their heart and stomach.


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They are extremely sensitive to feelings. With Avotoc, feelings are either on or off, similar to bipolar disorder. Most Avotoc are content to go to school, work or stay at home and take care of the family, what ever it is they are ‘tasked’ to do. Avotoc by nature are extremely loyal. This is perhaps the biggest personality trait of the Avotoc as a race. The economy of Avotoc mostly revolves around seafaring. Whether it’s shipping goods off-planet or building the ships that take them there, the Avotoc are the masters of the seas.

According to the Ontiba, Avotoc were created from Davoto’s need of helpers to help him manage the graveyard that was and is The GreatSea on Davo. This not only makes the first Avotoc settlements on Davo of historic and religious importance, but also gives etiological insight as to why the Avotoc can breathe underwater as well as in space.


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Avotoc-Space is close to Astran space for the most part and on some maps due to the colouring of both Astran- and Avotoc-Space can be hard to distinguish which is which. Avotoc-Space is characterized by four large star-planets in the middle. The climate of Pale Shores, like its inhabitants, is one of extremes; both white-sand beaches and glaciers can be found on the same continent. Large seas are abundant across Pale Shores as the culture is largely sea and space faring.