Xiruen (psy-roo-ehn)

Xiruen are the towering giants of In Extremis at nearly two and a half meters (eight feet four inches) on average. They seem to be perpetually angry, and most can become quite mad with only slight agitation.


Average Height 2.4 meters
8′ 4″
Average Weight 165 kg.
363 lbs.
Distinctions Four Arms
Horn on crown of head
Small eyes
Skin Colour Brown
Eye Colour White
Hair Colour Black
Dark Brown
Races Xeviin

The Xiruen are most easily recognized by their large stature and four arms. In stature and physical prowess, no sentient beings are their equal. It is of note that their upper arms are smaller than the lower ones, for the most part preventing Xiruen from lifting things above their heads. This is because their upper pair of arms have no upper arm, instead the shoulder connects directly to the forearm. They have two ‘toes’ on each foot for lack of a better term, a smaller squarish toe and the rest of the toe area connected. They are known to use their hands to carve out their rocky dwellings, so their bones must be very strong, at least in their hands.


Main Article: Xiruen Culture

Plural Xiruens
Language Barzacc
Homeworld The Outcropping
Average Lifespan 95 years
Notable Members N/A

Xiruen culture in most settlements is not welcoming to outsiders. Not to say that outsiders are forbidden, just that the trust of the community in general must first be earned- a hard task. Because of this, very little of the culture is known to the other Sentient Species.


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