Before The Wind


Before The Wind (Plot-Arc)
Appearance(s) Chasing Shadows
Dead Run
Date 980 A.T. 
Location(s) The Known Universe
Genre High Fantasy
Characteristics A young Avotoc teams with a cursed octopus in order to counteract the spread of cursed monsters across the Universe.
Production February 2012 –


General Synopsis

Main Article: Before The Wind Plot

Before The Wind is the first plot-arc in the In Extremis series to be written, and begins early in 980 A.T. The story follows a young Avotoc pirate nicknamed Skeli and his eventual partner, Dreads who is a cursed octopus. The duo travel across the universe looking for a cure to Dreads’ curse, only to find themselves playing roles in a much larger grand-scheme than just Dreads’ curse and cure. Once Dreads is ‘cured’, he must learn to control the beast within and channel Dreadlock effectively. Ultimately, the two are tasked with finding the individual who cursed Dreads and bringing them to justice and the plot-arc climaxes with a final battle between this individual against Skeli and Dreads.

Book Split

The Before the Wind plot-arc is split into two books, Chasing Shadows and Dead Run. The first book, Chasing Shadows follows the characters, mainly Skeli and Dreads as they move through the universe looking for a cure to Dreads’ curse. The second book, Dead Run, follows the characters through the universe as they attempt to bring the individual who cursed Dreads to justice.


Main Article: Before The Wind Timeline

The content of both books of the Before The Wind plot-arc takes up the majority of the year 980 A.T. Beginning with Skeli’s descent onto Davo in the Dunnage at the end of Tovuscus and culminating several months later. Space flight takes up several days at a time throughout the novel, as does planet-side exploration.


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