In Extremis Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up

Hello again, everyone. Time to wrap up what all got done with In Extremis in June, and there was quite a bit. I didn’t get to put up as many new pages as I want, but that should change come July. Got a lot of artwork done, a big milestone for the book itself and a little music, as well as some kickstarter updates, sort of. Without more rambling, here’s what happened:

Poria Homeworld
Poria Homeworld
Temple in a Lake
Temple in a Lake
  • Two concept pieces, one of a Poria homeworld dominated by tall towers and unimaginative design, the other of an temple in a lake that Skeli finds on his adventure.


Xiruen Environment #1
Xiruen Environment #1
Avotoc Environment #3
Avotoc Environment #3
Kettlah Environment #1
Kettlah Environment #1
Kettlah Environment #3
Kettlah Environment #3
  • Four other environment comps, a Xiruen, Avotoc and two Kettlah concepts, to familiarize the audience and myself with the landscapes. More of these to come next month.

The Known Universe:

  • Semi-short article on the universe of In Extremis
  • Summaries of the Sentient Species and their regions throughout the universe

New Music:

This month I rewrote the theme demo, which serves as a sample of the main In Extremis theme. This theme is the basis of the series and will serve as more inspiration for each plot arc’s individual theme. Here’s the new theme:

In comparison, here’s the theme from a year ago:

Dramatic improvement, if I do say so myself.

Book News:

In Extremis: Chasing Shadows is complete! Well, the story is complete. Now it moves onto the third stage where the book will be picked apart for grammar and spelling mistakes as well as inconsistencies within the book itself, and rearranging some sections for the story to work better.

Kickstarter News:

Not huge news, but now that the book is closer to being completely done, more accurate funding information can be gathered. The good news is that initial projections were a little higher than they are right now. Hopefully that doesn’t change.

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