In Extremis Wrap-Up

May Wrap Up

Well, at the start of the month I thought I would have had more two write about in the monthly wrap up, at least- I have stuff to write about- I thought I would have more good news and completed stuff. But, that was not the case as life gets in the way in the form of moving back home from college half-way across the country and a bit of computer trouble. With that being said though, let me reiterate what I did get done:

Sights and Sounds:

-Three soundscapes to go with the three previously posted environmental concept artworks

-Two new environmental concept artworks


In Extremis: Chasing Shadows:

-Chapters 14, 15, and 16 have been written. Now, I just have to write the last chapter so I can move onto preliminary editing.

Two unfinished posts:

-Due to my not having access to my photoshop files for some time, I’m not able to complete the visual assets for the information posts and I don’t want to put out vastly incomplete information for you. When the posts do come out, they will have some updates as the story progresses and facts sometimes becomes clearer.

Unfinished Media:

-I had planned to get at least one piece of concept art done and was close to having two in the later stages of working when I lost my access to photoshop.

-I had also planned to work on more soundscapes,but the move and computer trouble left me with little more motivation than it took to get the writing done.


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