Sights and Sounds

Last week, I posted three pieces of concept art, and this week I’m going to give you three pieces of music to go with them. I’ve also put the pieces of art with their respective soundscapes to make them easier to recognize.

I also have two more new pieces of art:

Sha’an Homeworld
Reykata Cavern


The upcoming week is the last week of my freshman year of college, and I’ll be flying back home this week, so I don’t expect to get much done, and I definitely don’t expect to be able to post this upcoming weekend. That being said, I’ll be working on some more concept art and some more soundscapes, so when I’m ready to present those within the next few weeks, you’ll have them. I also plan to get back to work on finishing the first book, and proceeding to the editing phase, so I might be able to get some more work other than art done over the next few weeks.


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