In Extremis

April Wrap Up

I know, I know. It’s May 1st — or 2nd, depending on where you are in the world. I wanted to do this post on the last day of April, but the content was going to come this weekend, originally. Actually, originally, these three paintings were going to be for my eyes only, but it’s been a while without any content for you fans so I figured I’ll put them out. They’re still just conceptual images to give me a working base for the species’ home-worlds.

So without further adieu- here’s the three concept pieces:

Xiruen Homeworld
Kettlah Homeworld
Kettlah Homeworld
Quarryn Homeworld
Quarryn Homeworld


The third piece — “Quarryn Homeworld” looks better on my other computer, I promise. It’s supposed to be dark but for some reason refuses to save with the contrast I’m using. The .psd has the right contrast, but as soon as I attempt to export it, the contrast gets reduced.

But yeah, the pieces are titled based on what species it is. I could talk about them in detail, but they pretty much explain themselves. This is where they’d live, to put it simply.

There’s also a page that I finally published — that I apparently started on April 13th. I’ll be putting more of those kinds of information filled articles soon and I’ll be trying to slim them down as much as possible.

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